Made out of material and essence, she remains a soul somewhere within an interception between
physical and
transitory/ fleeting/ multi-projecting/ interchangeable/ ubiquitous presence,
immaterial and
solid/ direct/ objectified/ verbal/ tangible/ corporeal/ substantive/ fleshy. “...she was born before her mother she had a life, just like you.
She had a physical appearance -
a human body.
She had friends, house,
she had a basketball.
She was using money...
...Undergoing the consequences of the human kind endeavor. When our actions were increasingly mediated by data.”
You are she, we are she.
Blue is the warmest colour on Blue-ray
blue on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
choosing for their brand value.
Blue splashing on your face,
blue hard to print,
to become an object
of the image
predating the object.

Central in the show, The artist is digitally present, is in an online performance, exploring the prospective alteration of patterns in eye contact. It’s adapted for its institutional appearance whereas the performing body in lacking conscious participation in the real. Contextualising the surrounding physical matter, respectably in the periphery, it gives a key for their locating. They address and acknowledge this same realm, where interfaces have been successfully sold. This language is adopted and utilized.
Memory becomes collected and filtered. It has an expiration date. North/ south/ or digital, you can engage in the digital appearance through a real-time streaming.

the fridge, Sofia